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Philip Zepter

A visionary, that does not accept obstacles, but only new, higher and more demanding goals Philip Zepter has found the key to the continuous prosperity and success of Zepter International.

"We are proud of our products. We are proud of their superior quality, striking design and our advanced technology. We enjoy our work. We respect those who work with us. There is one, most important principle behind all of our actions: your health and beauty."

Philip Zepter, President of Zepter International

Philip Zepter is the President and founder of Zepter International. The year 1986 is crucial, while it is the year Philip Zepter takes the decision to establish his own company, called Zepter ( scepter ) . Bringing many innovations and original solutions to the system of direct sales, after just three years of operation, Zepter International reaches the annual turnover of one billion German marks, probably a unique achievement in the world of business! The rise and expansion of the company continues to be fantastic, as after almost 30 years the company is present on 5 continents and in over 60 countries. Zepter has managed to become an essential part of everyday living, providing the right solutions for the shortcomings of the modern civilisation. With the Zepter products human kind receives the right for choice and the right to choose - if to have a healthy lifestyle or not! »

Following the mission of health and beauty and believing that everything a man achieves, earns or creates should be repaid in kind, the Zepter family has supported scholars, scientists, the sick and needy, young artists and sportsmen. For the humanitarian support, as well as for the innovations brought into the cookware and household industry the Zepter company and family have been awarded throughout the years with numerous recognitions, such as:


Philip Zepter accepted the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2011. Mr. Zepter was chosen from thousands of nominesss for his personal and professional philanthropic contribution. Zepter's International Mission of Health was recognized for benefiting not only the health of millions of people worldwide but improving society as a whole. Each year Ellis Island Medal of Honor is awarding those who have made enduring contributions to the nation and to the world. By receiving this recognition Mr. Zepter joins the ranks of only five non-U.S. citizens who have been honored.

"Cavaliere del Lavoro della Repubblica Italiana"

1997 - Italy
Awarded to Mr. Philip Zepter for outstanding services rendered to Italian Industry and the Community

Zepter International awards:

"KitchenInnovation of the Year®" Best Consumer Friendly Product Award
2014 - Frankfurt, Germany
Zepter Smart Multisystem
"Awarded - Winning Product" for Functionality, Design and Innovation

Golden Mercury (awarded 5 times)
1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2010 - Italy
Awarded to elite companies in the European Community for advancements in technology and new and original products
Awarded to Zepter International as the leader in Italian industrial progress.

B.I.D. Gold Award (Business Initiative Directions)
2004 - Frankfurt, Germany
International "Arch of Europe" Award for Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation to Zepter International CH
Silberwarenfabrik Jager, Germany.

30th Golden Award for Commercial Prestige (New Millennium Award)
2000 - Madrid, Spain Zepter Holding.

14th International Europe Award for Quality
2000 - Paris, France
Awarded by the Editorial Office and the Trade Leaders' club to Zepter International.

The Sign of Cholesterol Prophilaxis
1994 - Warsaw, Poland
An honour awarded to Zepter Cookware for its fight against cholesterol
Awarded by the Polish Organisation for Heart Protection to Zepter International.

For many years Zepter International has been the main sponsor of hundreds of global sport events, such as F1 world championships (Monaco, Canada and Brazil), F1 Powerboat world championships, FIBA world and European basketball championships, Ice Hockey world championships (official sponsor and national team sponsor) and Euro Handball. We also support various other sports: from Zepter Herculis IAAF Golden League athletic meeting in Monte Carlo, to major tennis tournaments in Monte Carlo, Mallorca, Stuttgart, and Hanover, and always with the same ideal: STRIVING FOR A LONGER, HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER LIFE.

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Passionate about perfection, design and quality, Mr. Philip Zepter, the founder of the Zepter Group turned his attention to the watch craftsmanship. Being always a step before everyone else, bringing you tomorrows products today, Zepter has become a mark, a trend setter in its own field of work.