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Philip Zepter Timepieces

Philip Zepter Exclusive Watches

Zepter International, a multi-branded global enterprise that produces, sells and distributes exclusive high-quality consumer goods around the world, is introducing a full range of watches to its existing brand portfolio.

Since its inception, almost 30 years ago, Zepter has striven to enhance lifestyles around the world and to become an essential part of everyday living.

Zepter products embody an ideal of excellence and luxury.

Visionary with passion for perfection, extraordinary design and top quality, Philip Zepter, the founder of the Zepter Group, turned his attention to the watch craftsmanship by creating timepieces that are not only extraordinary by design and functionality, but timepieces that captures our lifestyle.

A smart device that is geared to a lifestyle environment; such is the driving force behind all our timepieces. Today when everything around us moves so fast, when we produce so much to enjoy so less, we want to make something that lasts, something that we can touch and that touches us.

All Philip Zepter Timepieces are Swiss made, respecting the highest standards of Helvetic tradition.

We make the devices but the time is yours.